Goodwood Revival, The Cars and Bikes, it did start out as a race event!

The reason Goodwood Revival exists is for the Cars and Bikes

So lets pay homage to those glorious machines. Goodwood Revival did start out as a race event for vintage and Classic Race Cars and Motorcycles from the period 1948 until 1966 the type of vehicles that would have raced at the Goodwood circuit in it’s hey day, during that time Goodwood race track was one of Britains premier circuits hosting Formula one racing, TT sports car events and the Goodwood nine hour.
The circuit is relatively unchanged, therefore it has that look of days gone by during the Revival only period vehicles are aloud into the circuit, excepting of course modern emergency service vehicles even these keep a low profile,  and what with officials and competitors all dressed in appropriate attire, white coveralls and helmets for drivers and black leathers for riders and officials wearing anything from coveralls to trousers, shirts, jacket and tie the whole event takes on a back to the good old days ambience.
For the fans of the golden days of motor sport and I say that because those were the days when a small almost backyard concern could develop a car that would change the course of history and bring the leading marques to their knees, when drivers had charisma not just a pr machine and spectators could get up close and personal with their hero’s, the motor car was developing at a frenetic pace as was competition developement, to walk the pits and see these ground breaking cars, each a celebrity in it’s own right, to be trackside seeing and hearing these magnificent cars in action is a treat not to be missed.
There is no point naming all the Manufacturers represented at the Revival, because whatever Marque you drool after it will be here, being driven flat out and swapping paint with the other greats of the motor racing universe, the owners and drivers of these classics are to be congratulated for not only are these cars here to be seen, but to be raced and raced hard, the Revival is not a time trial, it is guts and glory stuff, the drivers do not go out of their way to damage these thoroughbreds but will use every horse under the bonnet and command every inch of track in an effort to take the checkerd flag, making for some incredibly close and exciting racing.
Goodwood is not just for the likes of Ferarri, Maserati, Jaguar, and Aston Martin the St Mary’s Cup is where the cars the likes of you and I could afford are raced, road going family sedans tweeked and transformed into formidable racing machines by the likes of us tinkering in our sheds, the on track performance of these specials gives us an insight into the potential within a car of humble origins competing for glory on the race track, their drivers engaging each other as if for champion of the world status, you cannot help but smile at the sight of a two cylinder BMW pursuing a V8 Jaguar and giving it a very hard time!
The Motorcycles compete with no less enthusiasm, these guys are the embodyment of the do it yourself racer most with small budgets and limited resources but using every ounce of their skills both in the saddle and mechanically in the pursuit of victory, walking through the pit area you can see the team mechanics, sweat pouring from their brow as the try to rebuild a blown clutch or refine the tune to achieve a few more revs, which could mean the difference between winner or bridesmaid, today just as it was back then Motorcycle racing is predominately a blue collar sport.
I hope I have convinced you to take a trip down this particular memory lane, which is Goodwood Revival and if you do go, go all out and join into the spirit of the event, you will not be disappointed.

1949 Gordini Type 23S
1952 Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica
1953 Jaguar C Type
1958 Lister-Chevrolet ‘Knobbly’
1958 Lister-Jaguar ‘Ecosse’ exposed
1959 Jaguar-Lister ‘Knobbly’
1959 Lotus-Climax 16
1960 Maserati Tipo 61 ‘Birdcage’
1962 Brabham-Climax BT3
1962 Lotus-Climax 25
1962 McKee-Chevrolet ‘Mahrya’
1962 Tyrrell-Cosworth
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
1964 Ginetta G4
1965 Warrick GT350
Aston Martin DB1
BMW R32 Modified
BSA Gold Star
Gilera Saturno
Jaguar C Type
Lotus- Escort
Norton ES2
Norton Manx 500
Wrenching in the pits
Austin A30
Ferarri GT250
Pre race prep for a Vincent
Rudge TT

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