Fully Booked

The 25th Anniversary Mooneyes HRCS tour is fully Booked

Thats right the tour is fully booked and we are heading to Japan, we have a great group of Custom Car and Bike enthusiasts joining us on this trip, it’s bound to be a blast.

I have put together a fabulous itinerary, Go Karting through Tokyo, Driving Sports Cars with fun2drive, visits to Custom shops, Flat Fours VW workshop and display, we will also be checking out the Nissan Heritage Centre and of course the 25th Anniversary Mooneyes Hot Rod and Custom Show in Yokohama.

But it’s not just about Cars and Bikes. Oh no we will be having our first meal in Japan at Gon Pachi made famous in the massive fight scene from Kill Bill one, taking in the sights of Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagoya, we will also be visiting the beautiful Mt Takao, enjoying Autunm colours and views of Mt Fuji whilst in the Hakone Mountains.

And thats just some of whats planned, I can’t wait. You can follow the tour on Instagram or Facebook and Twitter just search for Gearheadz Travel, I will be posting daily and if you like what you see why not book for next years tour !fun2drive

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